R & D Center

Asymmetric Synthesis

Xenoah takes advantage of a large tool kit of chiralcatalysts, ligands and auxiliaries etc., to develop asymmetric syntheses ofbuilding blocks. Asymmetric synthesis is effective to cut down productioncosts, improve reaction efficiency, and reduce wastes and energy consumptionper unit of output.

•     Asymmetric reduction

•     Asymmetric kinetic resolution

•     Asymmetric addition

•     Asymmetric fluorination

Enzyme Catalysis

Efficient enzyme catalysts have been usedin Xenoah tosynthesize high value-added intermediates. The technology enables improvedquality, reduced wastes, lower facility costs and energy consumption. It isprospective to apply enzyme catalysis in a wide range of chemicalsyntheses of key intermediates such as chiral alcohols and chiral amines.

•      Enzymecatalyzed acylation

•      Enzymecatalyzed hydrolysis

•      Enzymecatalyzed dynamic kinetic resolution 

Ultra-low Temperature Technology

Ultra-low temperature reactions are typically highly selective and hence are effective in improving process yield and product purity. The most typical ultra-low temperature reaction is metallation, which is widely used in syntheses of high-valued aromatic boric acid, aldehyde, acid and ester etc.


Organic fluorides are crucial in pharmaceutical industry. Nearly one fifth of the newly marketed drugs contain fluorine. Fluorinated drugs are usually more efficient on the targeted organs because of better membrane penetration and higher bioavailability, which results in lower daily drug dosage. Xenoah has applied the technology in the syntheses of key intermediates of spiro and six-membered rings.

Green Chemistry

Xenoah is committed to sustainable chemistry to protect our environment and human health. We strive to reduce pollution from the source by minimizing or avoiding the use of hazardous reagents and solvent in the design, development and production of our products. 

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