R & D Center

1:Custom Synthesis

ØHigh-qualityand cost-effective custom synthesis service with quantities ranging from gramsto tons
ØWell-knowncapabilityto execute challenging chemistry reactions
ØPromptdeliveryof all kilo-scale custom synthesis projects with 3 to 16 synthetic steps

2:Process Development

ØCreativesyntheticroutes scouting
ØChemistryprocessdevelopment and optimization
ØImpurityidentificationand profiling

3:Pilot Plantand Manufacturing

ØPilotplant and commercial manufacturing of key intermediates and APIs
ØWellexperiencedin project management; a seamless technical information transfer, as programsadvance from  preclinical to commercial
ØPilotplantenables scale-up trial batch production at 1-10kg scale
ØMulti-purposeproductionlines in the manufacturing site ensure high and stable capacity
ØProductionandoperation under cGMP-likeenvironment; audited by a number of top pharmaceutical companie: 

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