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Xenoah Pharmaceutical Inc. is a leading innovative chemistry products and servicesprovider throughout the pharmaceutical R&D process. Its core businessesinclude: a catalog of specially designed scaffolds and building blocks; customsynthesis; process development; manufacturing of key intermediates and POservices.

Founded in 2010, Xenoah as aresearch based global pharmaceutical technology company focused on development,manufacturing, sourcing, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical activeingredients (APIs), pharmaceutical intermediates, nutraceuticals andfine chemicals.
        Xenoah hasevolved on the strength of vertical integration in discovery research, processchemistry, manufacturing and commercialization. In addition to ourmanufacturing capabilities, we have developed board and reliable networks withChinese manufacturers. We are able to provide efficient sourcing services toclients, with all products tested and verified in-house prior to shipment toclients.
       Since its establishment, Xenoah haspartnered with pharmaceutical companies around the world to provide productsand services, and has developed nearly 100 products (kg class). The company includes:Pfizer、Celgene、Merck、Curis、Arvinas  etc. Since it has showed a tradition ofexcellence and a deep sense of commitment to provide high quality services andproducts to clients in a timely and cost effective manner. Xenoah isnow committed to a more comprehensive and long-term service to valuedcustomers.

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